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Have you ever noticed the beautiful Neon LED or the beautiful decor in the background of your favorite YouTubers or TV show studios? Isn't it adding a beautiful aura to the home? This customized décor is not easy to find in offline stores near you.

Personalized gifts are the best way to express your feelings to a person. It is a unique way of surprising someone who holds an important place in our hearts. These items are nothing but reflections of your thoughts while curating personalized gifts for your recipient. 

The Vision Behind 

At Hustlezy we believe in creating your personal space online to start conversations with your loved ones and finding those customized gifts that will surely strengthen that string that ties hearts together.

-Ayush Sahai, Founder Hustlezy


Customized Gifts on your Doorstep

Hustlezy has a range of customized decors, illusion lamps, Spotify album covers, and other quirky items to solve your problem and make gifting and decorating easier for everyone. It is the premium one-shop store from fashionable to authentic items providing you with the absolute best in trendy items while emphasizing customer service and individuality.

We offer personalized products and services as per your needs and demands. These customized gifts can be a lifelong souvenir for your loved ones. We provide a comprehensive product range, including 3D lamps, Spotify albums, acrylic products, and many more beautiful items worth gifting among the different categories. 

Our Décor Section: Giving Face to your Feelings

We have the following items in our inventory:

Backlit and Neon logos

Back-lighting aids in separating the subject from its background, and front lighting alone would create a two-dimensional effect with several ready-made logos on generalized themes, i.e., football clubs, brands, etc. You also have the option to customize your logo into a fine product.

3D Illusion Lamp 

Each lamp is illuminated by LED lights that can be muted for ambient or night illumination. The Bulbing lights are made of plywood birch and acrylic glass that have been engraved with lines creating an optical illusion when viewed from the appropriate angles. We also have sub-options such as customized desk lamps etc 

Spotify Screen on Different Products 

We provide a Spotify app screen on the LED plaque, keychains, polaroid, or wooden bases with the personalization you desire. It can be depicted on the LED plaque, keychains, polaroid, or wooden base.

We have two more categories of Personalized and Quirk stores worth checking out for acrylic stuff, gift cards, and fidgets.

Send Personalized Gifts to India from Hustlezy with Love

We bridge the gap between you and your loved ones through our online gifts delivery services. Yes, no matter how far you are from your dear ones, we can send a surprise personalized gift their way.

We make sure that all the products are delivered on time and offer easy payment options to offer you a blissful shopping experience. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our handpicked collection of gift items for your loved ones and give them colorful surprises that are timeless and memorable.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We serve consumers across India, and hundreds of people are already onboard the platform. It not only brings smiles to the customer's faces but also provides a thrilling experience of selecting quirky and eco-friendly gifts.


"My best friend really liked this gift. It was packaged well, it reached on time and the customer support was wonderful, thanks a lot guys." -Dimple, Pune

"Very innovative and good. This is a best platform to get the customized gifts for any occasion. They have a broad range of gifts collection which are so unique and intelligent."-Atharv, Surat

"Best gifting company. I've ordered for this extraordinary frame for my friend, she was so delighted and she never knew that I know her so well. Will be ordering again soon."- Rakesh Joshi, New Delhi

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