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Dr.fluff -The Pet Laundry Lint Remover

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The mess created by shed dog hair is one of the biggest complaints that pet owners have. It sticks to clothing and upholstery and collects in every corner of your home. There are many products available to help remove dog hair from clothing, and the Dr.fluff is one of the newest

Dr.fluff is a pet hair remover that is simply placed in your washer and dryer. After adding them to your clothes pile inside one of the machines, both lint and fur will accumulate on the unit instead of remaining on the clothes.

These round discs are about 4 inches in diameter. They are soft and squishy, but aren't sticky to the touch. However, their unique texture allows pet hair and lint to stick to them like glue.

How To Use This Pet Lint Remover

Just place the Dr.fluff into your clothes washer during any washing cycle, and it goes to work gently removing any pet hair and lint. While effective in the washer, it works even better in the dryer- often filling up your lint trap.

My Dr.fluff is not working like it used to

Some Laundry detergents and fabric softeners will add a “film” to the Dr.fluff surface. Simply take your Dr.fluff to the kitchen sink, and clean them with a few drops of dish soap like Dawn or Joy. Give them a good scrub and they should be tacky and sticky within a minute. 

Fabric softener sheets in the Dryer can also film up the Dr.fluff, and will also “soften” any pet hair on your clothes. It’s much more effective for the Dr.fluff to pull a nice clean dog hair off your blanket versus a oily softened dog hair.

 How long does it last?
The Dr.fluff can last indefinitely, perhaps thousands of washing cycles. In fact, you can probably leave it in your will to your offspring.



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