It’s the most awaited time of the year: Diwali!

The festival of lights, of happiness, of shopping. Yes, you read that right. Diwali brings the most awaited shopping time of the year. Now you must be all stoked up, ready to make the most of this season. But have you planned for your gifting?

Gifting is one of the most stressful tasks of Diwali, wondering what to gift your loved ones during this joyous occasion consisting of several festival stretched across the week. Worry not, we got you covered as we list out our top 4 picks for this Diwali:


1.Illusion Lamps

Hustlezy consists of a wide range of illusion lamps with quirky designs that is bound to light up your room in an elegant way. The lamps are made to last and they can also be personalized based on your recipient. What do we mean by that? Give us a picture of you and your wife and we will make an illusion lamp based on your picture for you to gift your wife. Imagining the look on your wife’s face when she opens your customized gift for her? Here are few of our customers and their unboxing experiences from Hustlezy.

2. LED Logos

Backlit Logos add a vibe to your room that’s admirable. Everyone who walks into your room is definitely going to love these logos. Be it your favorite football club or your favorite indie band, having a piece of décor that reflects your taste is essential in building your room’s vibe and what better occasion of lighting up your room than Diwali! 

3. Spotify Memorabilia

We know that music is the most underrated form of therapy. We are bound to develop an emotional connect with a song due to a core memory shared with someone. Be it your partner’s favorite song or your sibling’s jam. We have a perfect collection of products that displays your loved one’s music taste: Spotify Code Collection. Print your loved one’s jam in the form of a keychain, plaque, lamp or even a Polaroid!

4. Neon Signs

Neon signs add an eccentric touch to your room. Neon signs set the vibe of the place and have been gaining a lot of traction in the last few years. We have a wide range of neon signs that you can gift to your loved ones and if you don’t find any designs you like then you can send us YOUR design, we will deliver it to you, the Hustlezy way!